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How to evaluate and share OPTIMOs

The OPTIMO Cloud is much more than just a platform to collect ideas, suggestions or submissions (called OPTIMOs). It can also be used for evaluating, discussing and sharing OPTIMOs anywhere and any time.

How to evaluate an OPTIMOs

After navigating to the desired OPTIMO, read them thoroughly. You will have the support of the OPTIMO Principle®, which provides a quick overview of all relevant information.

Once you have formed an opinion, scroll down to “Voting”. Here you can evaluate the OPTIMO according to the preset evaluation criteria. You don’t need to fill in every criterion, but try to edit as many as possible according to your assessment, this way, the platform can better determine an average OPTIMO score.

In the next section is the discussion quadrant. The different sections provide a structured exchange of opinions, which can then be prioritized.

Start by describing the OPTIMO’s strengths and risks. To do this, click on the “+” button in the upper section and enter a short title and further description (if necessary). The lower quadrants, like the evaluation criteria, are preset by the organization and can therefore differ from the example.

In order to get a better overview and a faster decision about the OPTIMO, you should prioritize the arguments of the other users by pressing a thumbs up or thumbs down. If the argument gets more positive votes than negative, it will be highlighted in bold and on the contrary, if it gets more negative ones, it will be grayed out.

To finish the evaluation you can fill out the quickpoll. The question is also customizable by the organization.

Share an OPTIMO with specialists

Do you know other people who should evaluate the OPTIMO? If that is the case, you can share this with only two clicks. To do so, scroll to the top of the OPTIMO view and click on the “Share” button.

Exception: If you are a guest and don’t find a “Share” button, the forwarding of OPTIMOs has been deactivated for external persons. In this case, report to the admin of the organization.

A window will open where you can see the current security settings of the organization. All persons, which are not included and therefore considered as external, must be accepted by an admin.

For sharing within the organization, you only need to create a link, which will automatically redirect each person to the desired OPTIMO. If the person does not have access to this organization, they will be asked to submit a join request, which must be accepted by an admin.

If you want to share the OPTIMO with external specialists, just enter their email addresses (press “Enter” after each email address). The organization admin will then be automatically informed and can approve the person either for the whole organization or only for the selected idea.

If you still have any questions or requests regarding the OPTIMO Cloud evaluation process, please feel free to contact us at any time.

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